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Character Profile & Info; Matsugo Kyuusei & the Matsugo Clan

The Truth of the Matsugo Family

A powerful family that controlled the surrounding area; their religious beliefs a primary factor in the everyday lives of the village and household both.

A priestess long ago predicted the appearance of “Truth,” an entity considered to be the embodiment of the darkness—the true form—of human nature. To keep Truth from being released onto the world, a tower was constructed—a prison to enshrine Truth. This was accomplished—but by no small sacrifice. Every 120 years, a firstborn boy is chosen from the Matsugo clan to become 'the blinded,' one blind to the power of Truth. This boy is held in seclusion at the manor, kept away from the evils of man. On his 21st birthday, this boy will be literally blinded, and then taken to the tower, to the very top. And then 'the blinded' will step from the edge, falling to their death. The sacrifice is made, the blinded overcomes Truth, ensuring his continued slumber in the tower.

And yet something went terribly wrong with the last sacrifice. But what? Well. That's for you to figure out. Better hurry up, the clock's ticking... well. You know. Figuratively speaking, of course~.

Matsugo Kyuusei was the last 'blinded' chosen to contain Truth. His free-spirited nature overpowered his naïvety of the outside world, and he wished to escape from his blinded fate—thus awakening Truth within. The ritual failed—Truth was released, possessing the doomed young man. A small portion of Kyuusei still holds on, and he even takes on awareness from time to time. He wants nothing more than to put a stop to Truth, to save those drawn into the mist of Truth, and to correct what he considers his mistakes. For wanting a life... he has cursed the entire village. He wants to set this right—and will struggle to reach out to those alive in the mist. Can he keep a shred of control under the overwhelming power of Truth?

Matsugo Kyuusei; a character profile. )
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